Snoop Dogg’s Wife, Shante Broadus, Partners With Lupus Foundation

Shante Broadus, the wife of legendary rapper Snoop Dogg,  recently partnered with the Lupus LA Foundation to raise awareness about the 1.5 million Americans diagnosed with lupus, an autoimmune disease that affects mostly women.

In preparation for the Lupus Foundation’s 26.2-mile marathon, Broadus trained relentlessly and committed herself to a strict diet of only chicken, fruits and vegetables.

Broadus’ family supported and encouraged her throughout the process. “They supported me 100 percent. They sent me e-mails and called me when I was out there training,” she says. “Snoop said, ‘Yeah you can do it.’ ”

“I thought I was gonna pass out. I didn’t know your feet could do all these things. I never in my life ran for miles,” says Broadus about running the marathon. “My daughter, Cori sent me a text like every mile just supporting me. My sons, Cordell and Corde, were gonna do it with me but I told them they didn’t have to and they will do it next year with me.”

For Broadus, giving back is also about the opportunity to teach her children the value of helping others.

“I always tell them it’s good to give back because you get blessings. During this whole marathon I was able to show them this is how you give back. So it felt like we all gave back,” she says.

Broadus will continue to raise awareness for lupus through events scheduled in conjunction with her I am S.H.A.N.T.E. Foundation.
For more information about lupus and to get involved, please visit:

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