Black Woman Beaten With Hammer, Dragged Behind Truck in Texas by White Man

A man in Texas is accused of murder in the death of an African American woman in Orange, Texas. On Monday, the County Sheriff’s Department said that William Baker Bibb, 35, was arrested Saturday and charged with murder after he admitted he beat the woman in the head with a hammer and dragged her body behind his pickup truck.

Bibb called 911 to report that he and the victim, 26-year-old Theresa Adell Ardoin, had been attacked according to Sheriff Keith Merritt. Officials added that Ardoin’s body had been dragged about a quarter-mile prior to being dumped.

Ardoin’s body was later retrieved from a canal by law enforcement in Rose City.  Bibb, a resident of Hardin County, was jailed and his bail set at $1 million. 

Authorities are still in the process of trying to discern if Ardoin was still alive while she was being dragged.

Ardoin, who was from Beaumont, is suspected to have died via blunt force trauma to the head based on preliminary autopsy reports. 

Law enforcement think they two got together allegedly to “do some drugs” and “have sex.” As of now it is suspected that Bibb hit the woman in the head with the hammer, tied a rope to her body, attached it to his truck and drove off.

The irony is that this occurred less than an hour from where the 1998 dragging death of James Byrd Jr., who was dragged by a truck by three white men and killed.

This is the second dragging death in the nation in less than two weeks. On June 2, the body of 30-year-old Anthony Hill was found in a rural area near Columbia, S.C. Hill had been shot in the head and dragged by his neck and upper torso. Nineteen-year-old Gregory Collins, who is white, was charged with murder. Police believe it may have been a hate crime. –torrance stephens, ph.d.
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  1. rather they were about to have sex or do drugs….he still did not have to do the to her….we all know if the woman was white the out-come of the arrest would have been all bad…..get it together people….rather she is black or white hook his butt to a truck and drag him until the white meat shows

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