Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash 15: The Good, The Bad and The Confusing

LudacrisAtlanta’s Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash concert always provides a great turnout and leaves a lot to be discussed the next day. Here’s my take on what was good, what was bad, and the times I had no words for what was going on in Philips Arena.

The Good:

Monica: The girl can sang. Each song she belted out was a life and love anthem for the girls in the audience, and with arms outstretched around the arena, it felt as though Monica was taking the crowd to relationship church, one throwback song at a time.

Travis Porter: The unsigned group had everyone really rocking as they performed their mixtape music. With larger-than-life personalities and their confident performance, they had everyone screaming “Travyyyyyy!”

Plies: He brought Jeezy out to perform “Lose My Mind.” That alone was enough to make the night.

Ludacris: Ludacris really should have been the closing act. He had the most famous friends come out and perform their features with him. From Trina to Playaz Circle to Ciara to Uncle Luke, Ludacris had a pot of surprises that made him the best act of the night.

The All-White Look: The summer look in the urban fashion mags should be white, white, WHITE, as Monica, Shawty Lo, 1/3 of Travis Porter, and Gucci Mane all rocked the clean look onstage. Of course it helps to have thousands of dollars of diamonds to accessorize, but the best looking acts on stage reminded me never to sleep on the ultrachic wife beater look.

Safe Sex Chitchat: It’s always a good time to talk about safe sex, and with MTV sponsorship and the distribution of free distribution of Trojan Magnum Condoms, I’m sure Birthday Bash participants who “kept the party going” were safer and strapped up.

The Bad:

Shirtless Rick Ross:
I really was hoping we could avoid seeing this, but there he was, jiggling all that he had to jiggle.

Gucci Mane: I know that Gucci just got out of jail and all, but he thought he could just come out with no effort and be hailed as the king of Birthday Bash. Put on a show! As he was the closing act, I expected to be wowed, and the bored look over the rest of crowd made me realize I wasn’t the only one disappointed with his lack of pomp and circumstance.

We Wanted More Ciara:
She popped her little cute self out for the safe sex talk and showed us that she really can “Ride” with Ludacris, but we surely would have enjoyed a Ciara set! The girl looked good! Maybe she’s too Hollywood these days for a lil’ old 107.9 concert? The show definitely needed more than one female act, because Ci-Ci just teased us with her presence.

The Rowdiness of the Crowd:
I mean really, I saw three fights while I was there. Girls were dressed like Nicki Minaj with Rick Ross bodies. It was all a bit overwhelming.

The Confusing:

Roscoe Dash:
I went to the bathroom and missed him. Maybe he should put out a couple more songs before being booked to perform.

Brick Squad: All I know is there were a lot of dreads shaking and then I saw Waka Flocka’s belly … I’m still confused about how many members of Brick Squad there are and everything else surrounding their set.

Uncle Luke and Santa’s Big Booty Helpers:
In true booty popping fashion, Uncle Luke was escorted onto the stage with three voluptuous women in red spandex bodysuits. And as their rear ends bounced to the throwback Miami beats, I wondered how many parents would be letting their children return to the spicy concert next year.

The Rappers From Yesteryear: F.L.Y., Shawty Lo, and Pastor Troy did what exactly this year?

T.I. on Video?:
T.I. just got out of jail and you mean the only way I can see him at Birthday Bash is on a 30-second video? Keep playing and we’ll give the Atlanta crown to Ludacris! Bring Him Out! Bring Him Out! Atlanta loves T.I.!

Overall grade: C

archel bernard

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