Eric Jerome Dickey Returns With a New Novel: ‘Tempted By Trouble’

altNew York Times best-selling author Eric Jerome Dickey is taking a road trip. While Dickey is known for traveling around the world for research while exploring the cities and towns, foreign and domestic, to reference in his novels, like L.A. (Thieves Paradise) and London; Nashville, Tenn.; Atlanta and countless Caribbean beaches (Dying for Revenge), he’s taking over the streets of the East Coast and Midwest to promote his new book, Tempted by Trouble.


Tempted features a “smaller cast of characters unlike Cheaters or the Gideon series,” advises Dickey, “and is set in modern times against a backdrop of recession and unemployment.”


The lead character, Dmytryk Knight, is a respectable man, “the type of man that most men should be,” until desperation sets in and “quite a few unexpected surprises” start to arise. Dmytryk and his wife Cora are jobless and in foreclosure. They play by the rules as long as  it’s economically feasible until Eddie Coyle appears like a serpent and the story begins to play out like the original sin committed by Adam and Eve. –yvette caslin

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photo courtesy: Joseph Jones Photography

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