Tina DeBonett
Fashion stylist, and Make-Up artist

House music has been a staple not only in Chicago, but across the country and globally, because it’s true music. It is feel good music and everybody can come together to dance or just listen to it and have a good time.    ddddddd    

Pearl Ramsey
Writer, Director and Actress

House music is music that transcends beyond culture. It’s totally about vibe and frequency, it comes from the soul. It doesn’t come from logic or rational, it is visceral.


House music is a reflection of the heart beat, and a person can relate to music that is closest to their pulse. Then you have inspirational overlays that are applied to the beat, whether it is strings, brass or lyrics. This allows listeners to feel positive and temporarily escape the negativity of everyday tension and stress.

Jyah Webb

House music is a real soulful music, that’s why everybody is happy when house music is playing.

Miisha McCullar
President/CEO, IGM  Entertainment

House music is the last of old school, old soul music that used real instruments and singers in the studio. There were some synthesizers, but there was no sampling. Sampling takes away all of the crescendos, decrescendos and break downs, which are all natural components of music.

Daria Amerik
Contemporary artist

House music is a very humble music. Even in its commercial form, it managed to stay humble and not flaunt excess. It also draws a diverse listening audience, from various ages, races and geographies.

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