Actor Blair Underwood Stars in Hit Show ‘The Event’ on NBC

Blair Underwood has distinguished himself as an award-winning actor, director and producer who continues to share his expansive talent in the world of television, film, theatre and literature. Currently, Underwood  is starring in “The Event” on NBC as Elias Martinez, the president of the United States. It’s a high octane conspiracy thriller that will begin airing again on March 7 at 8 p.m. –tammie reed

Did you use any references for your character, Elias Martinez?

I watched a lot of world events. You can’t help but be aware of the newly elected President. I also watched a lot of documentaries on Ronald Reagan — especially him in the Oval Office. I love to build a character and pull pieces on how the presidents are perceived. I [enjoy] watching real life presidents.

Did you relate personally to the character in any way?

I’m a husband and a father and a family man. That aspect is very important to me and I am glad it’s portrayed. I continue to work with the writers for upcoming episodes. We’re always trying to bring different dimensions with the character.

Have you had any challenges doing the show?

For me, one [larger] concern is the thought process — not getting caught in the trap of being “presidential.” I try to make it as human as possible, but it can be a trap and I try not to do that. Everyone has their own idea of what a president should be.

How do you feel about social media sources like Twitter?

I like the fact that you can bring awareness to your projects through technology like Twitter. I like to tweet.

Have you had any fans give you negative feedback on the show?

I notice that a lot of the male fans do not like the fact that my wife [on the show] voices her opinion. I personally love [that kind of personality] as a female component. I was taken aback by it.

In between breaks from the show, what do you like to do?

I like taking a nap in the Oval Office (laughs).

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