altIn the aftermath of the much talked about release of her latest mixtape, Black Friday, Lil Kim dishes about her thoughts concerning her beef with Nicki Minaj, Cash Money Records and rival Foxy Brown.

In an interview with, Lil Kim admits that while she’s obviously not friends with Minaj, she has given a semi-listen to Minaj’s Pink Friday.

“I couldn’t listen to the whole thing. I’ve heard some songs from it,” she said. “I’ve never deemed her to be a horrible artist, I just think that people give her more credit than she actually deserves.”

Although the cover of Lil Kim’s Black Friday, which was inspired by a fan’s idea, depicts a decapitated Minaj, the rapper claims that a meeting between the two wouldn’t result in violence.

“…I’ve never said, ‘When I see you, I’m gonna do that.’ I’m not into all that ‘cause this ain’t beef,” explains Lil Kim. “It’s definitely a hip-hop war and I’m protecting my empire, and I’m definitely protecting my brand.”

In the interview, Lil Kim explains that although at one time she tried to make alliances with Cash Money records, things between her and the camp went sour once her feud with Minaj began.

“… I think the two who ignited a lot of this is Baby and Drake, and in some way Slim. I really don’t have much to say to them,” said Lil Kim. “I’ve never really had nothing against Wayne. I think Wayne was the most mature one in the whole situation and the one who handled it the right way to me. I think me and Wayne actually like each other.”

Aside from her “hip-hop war” with Cash Money, Lil Kim also shared her opinion of rival emcee Foxy Brown’s diss track aimed at her titled, “Massacre.”

“[Laughs] I don’t think she heard it. I don’t even — I couldn’t even — you know what, next question,” says Lil Kim. “[Laughs] That was the biggest joke of the industry ever. Hilarious, hilarious. I don’t understand it.”

With all of those beefs — or rather “hip-hop wars” — going on, is there anyone in the industry who is on team Lil Kim? What do you think of her “hip-hop wars?” –nicholas robinson