“Celebrity Apprentice” co-stars NeNe Leakes and Star Jones have exchanged heated words both on and off screen and have even come to blows on the show’s current season. But now the two have supposedly had a change of heart about each other and are now trying to become friends.

According to a source for radaronline.com, Leakes and Jones decided to call the truce after realizing that what started as a competition gone wrong was now becoming a war that was getting out of hand.

“Both NeNe and Star are trying to get along better off set — it was really only when the show started taping that their competitiveness kicked-in,” said the source. “NeNe felt slighted by Star, who she thought was not showing her enough respect — while Star believed that NeNe was all show and no substance.”

The source also explains that Leakes and Jones battled for attention behind the scenes as well, fighting over things such as hair, wardrobe and makeup.

Although the two are now trying to mend fences, producers for “Celebrity Apprentice” are still capitalizing on the feud.

“But they are trying to be more accepting of their differences now although producers want to ramp-up their rivalry when the cameras are rolling because they believe it could translate to high ratings,” said the source.

Do you think Leakes and Jones will be friends or frenemies? –nicholas robinson

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  • Anon

    I think they are both acting like idiots. What a shame.

  • Mruspakka

    NeNe is violent. In Housewives, she claimed to have an organization for abused women? I have seen nothing but abuse coming from her! What a big mouth. Her sons are becoming bad ass also. NeNe having big feet are enough!

  • T_hughley

    Can you say it was all to get us to watch the show. but i was going to watch no matter i love the show.

  • Kaiser Soze

    President Obama just got us into another war and all you call talk about is this B.S. ! ! ! ! ! ! !