Music Review: Mary Mary’s ‘Something Big’

Since Erica and Tina Campbell, collectively known as Mary Mary, first stepped foot on the gospel music scene in 2000, they have strived and succeeded at reaching souls. Now, six studio albums into their career, they’re ready to bring you Something Big.

The album’s title track is a happy, upbeat song expressing a positive change in their lives and how they have to get out the word of His greatness. The track has hints of country while still keeping its urban flair.

An old-school gospel favorite ,“It Is Well,” is slightly revamped and sounds as fresh as today’s musical fare. Tina and Erica’s tones blend together so effortlessly with the background harmonies as they explain how all is well with their souls when Jesus is their guide.

Another standout, “Never Wave My Flag,” is as inspirational and encouraging as it gets. This mid-tempo track tells how they’ll never wave their “flag” and surrender to the cold, negative aspects of the world that we all face everyday.The drum pattern is very pervasive on this track, while not taking away from the importance of the lyrics.

The album’s first released single, “Walking,” seems to be just right for today. It has an undeniable hip-hop feel to it that accompanies the dynamic vocalists as they encourage you to continue in your walk with God even when you make mistakes. The meaning behind “Walking” is for you to question if your walk allows others to see God living in you.

Also an ear-catching tune, “Last One” is a heartfelt song about the difficulties that occur when you stand up for Jesus. It’s performed over a pop-track that seems to add a great deal of life to the song. It emerged as a personal favorite for me and will likely have you questioning your motives and actions.

Overall, Something Big seems to be just what is needed today for believers and nonbelievers alike. Mary Mary’s ability to cross over boundaries but deliver a message without losing its strength is truly a God-given gift.

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