Kid Cudi Quits Smoking Marijuana

Although once one of hip-hop’s strongest proponents of marijuana use, “lonely stoner” rapper Kid Cudi is seemingly throwing out his bongs and rolling papers after announcing via his blog that he’s quit smoking the potent drug.

As Cudi explained in a series of messages on his personal blog,, the rapper who last year wrote a song called “Marijuana” in dedication to his melancholy drug use, has decided to turn over a new leaf instead of burning them, saying that he’s quitting marijuana to focus on his various business ventures.

“I dont smoke weed anymore. I’ll leave it to the kids,” wrote Cudi. “Im 27 with a business to run and i need to be alert and focused with my mind strong. For those who still get it on, smoke one in my memory as your favorite lonely stoner.”

And for those who may doubt his declaration of sobriety, Cudi vehemently assures that he’s steadfastly drug free.

“This is not a joke. I know most of you wanna see me all drugged out and f—– up and i know misery loves company, but im sorry those days are over,” wrote Cudi. “I had a good run, Amsterdam and all. Im happy being sober. Im happy being a new me. Giva f— who thinks of me different, you didnt care about me in the first place if you cant be proud and happy for me for growing and starting a new chapter.”

Im not your puppet or your tap dancing drug addict here to be your miserable muse, i always made music for me to help myself find understanding. I have finally learned from the words in my songs. I love who loves me and who really cares about me,” added Cudi.

Now that  Kid Cudi is sober, he’ll apparently be focusing his attention on a the creation of his new record label, recording a new album and reprising his role as Domingo Brown in the HBO comedy series, “How to Make It in America.”

Cudi is also collaborating with Parisian clothing brand, Surface to Air, to create a new line of leather jackets.

Do you think Cudi is serious about quitting marijuana? What do you think of his upcoming projects? –nicholas robinson

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