DIY Black Girl: Decorate Like a Pro With Home Depot

Let me say this up-front: I’m a girlie girl. I love talking pretty instructional vids, flirty, lacy, things, and my French-tip mani-pedi.

Here’s a shocker: I also love my paint brush and tool belt.

Like most first-time homeowners, I have a do-it-yourself (DIY) streak that won’t be denied, so I’ve enrolled in my neighborhood Home Depot Home Improvement Club workshops.

Thanks to the workshops, I’ve learned how to make minor home repairs, create garden plans, and paint like a pro, and I’d like to share my spring projects with you.

Last week, I launched mini decorating projects inside an open, colorful, loft space. As far as the decor is concerned, the heavy lifting had already been done — the walls have been painted, the commodes installed, etc., and thus my task is to spruce up the loft for spring.

I launched my project with the baths, where I corrected the existing paint job, refreshed the room with warm details and accents, and installed new tile.

And you can do it, too.

Tools needed are knee pads, scoring knife, gloves, garbage bags, your favorite CD, comfy clothes, sturdy shoes, face mask, and a step ladder. I’ve allotted a minimal budget ($150 per bath) and a time-limit (three hours) for each project. (For me, decorating is a hobby, and a hobby should be invigorating, and inspirational not expensive and tiring!)

The Ceiling

Clearly, the yellow wall must meet the egg-shell ceiling. First, use masking tape to protect the ceiling, and then use an edge brush to correct the existing paint job. Secondly, the ceiling is stained due to a leaky roof, the roof has been repaired, and now the stain must be removed. Use primer, and egg-shell paint to conceal the stain.

The Floor

Rubber mats were functional, but not beautiful. Also, the yellow paint does not meet the wall’s border, nor the space behind the commode. The cabinet was boring, and would look more stylish if it matched the wall border.

My goal was harmony, and sophistication, thus I selected a tile that complemented the walls and the border.

We will correct the paint job, and refresh cabinets, border and door with spray paint. Then, we’ll install new tile, and add a towel rack and tissue roll. Tip: Wear your face mask, and cover your hair (or the paint mist will get you). Remove the cabinet handles, and protect the sink with garbage bags, secured with tape, before you spray paint the cabinet.

Voila! You’ve spruced up your bath without breaking the bank (or a nail).

View the before and after pics. (Photos by Bernard Williams).

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