“30 Rock” star Tracey Morgan has always been known for his funny antics, so it comes as no surprise that the funnyman recently revealed that he got more than a little hot and “excited” during a recent encounter with first lady Michelle Obama.

During a recent trip to the “Lopez Tonight” show, Morgan explained to host George Lopez that while at a correspondent’s dinner last summer, he unintentionally gave a full “salute” to the president’s wife after greeting her.

“I looked at Michelle and she said, ‘Hi Tracy’ and I just like, I got hard,” he told Lopez, laughing.

When asked if Obama is his type, Morgan further explained his attraction to the first lady, claiming that she’s exactly the kind of woman he’d love to “climb.”

“Yeah! Come on man! She’s a beast!” gushed Morgan. “Michelle looked like a tall mountain and I wanted to climb it just cause it’s there — just cause it’s there, like Kilimanjaro.”

Watch video of Morgan’s explicit comments below.

Tracy Morgan Talks Attraction To Michelle Obama

What do you think of Morgan’s sexually charged comments about Obama? Is he just being a funny guy or did he cross the line? –nicholas robinson

Nicholas Robinson

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  • gino

    she is a Beautiful woman I second that emotion

  • gino

    she is a Beautiful woman I second that emotion

  • AC

    I think that Tracy Morgan has crossed the line. I belkeive that there is a better way to express his attraction to Michelle Obama, without being lewd. She is the first lady for goodness sakes!

  • JahJungleLion

    She is hot. He coulda choose his lines better, but he IS a comedian. I feel him though..

  • Jazz

    I think it’s disrespectful and it’s good for him that the Secret Service won’t let the POTUS beat his azz for talking about his wife like that!

  • Mary Holt Ashley

    He crossed the line. Leave the first lady out of trashy jokes and innuendos that have no value to public. I look for positive remarks about a lady of her stature therfore I donot think his remarks are funny nor befitting of her.

  • M Williams4242

    Come on Tracy, where is your respect for the First Lady. I respect you as a comedian but you could have done better that this. U break my heart. The First Family get enough garbage from the press. Please why would you of all people want to join them? Think about what you are saying when talking about the First Family. PEACE

  • http://twitter.com/LexterPedia LexterPedia

    Tracy is a comedia that speaks trash, even when he is trying to say that he is attracted to Michelle Obama, who wouldn’t, i mean we all saw her o inauguration day… he could have chosen better words, but he doesn’t know how…