JeBron Bringing Back Real Music


In the music industry, an artist is only as good as his or her last hit. Artists are not judged by the context and substance of their music but how catchy their hooks are. JeBron is the type of artist who is choosing to stay true to himself, as fans will hear on his soon-to-be released album, Time of My Life Chapter 1. JeBron, a singer, songwriter and producer, is using his creativity and experience to produce soulful tracks.

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Talk about your background and how you got into music.

I’m a singer first, and a songwriter and producer. My mother said the only thing she could do as a child to keep me still [was to] sing to me; music was the only thing that could hold my attention. My mother is my foundation. … That’s kind of how I got into music and it’s my first love.

What kind of music did you listen to when you were growing up?

R&B. That’s the foundation right there of any type of soul and pop music. My mom did venture into a little rock, but my sister really opened my ear up to all types of music. Anytime she and I would listen to music, we would go and do research about the artist.

Which artists do you admire?

I admire everybody; I take a little inspiration from everybody, but my favorites are Michael Jackson, Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston and Stevie Wonder.

Have you had any formal training?

Yes, I have had formal training. I have worked with Robin Brown, a vocal coach. She has trained a lot of industry stars.

What is your biggest challenge as an artist?

My biggest challenge is not being an introvert; I’m really private and shy, especially with all this social networking that I’m really not used to. … I’m an artist; I’d rather be in the studio 24/7.

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