Loving life and celebrating my birthday

On Sunday, I spent the afternoon with some great friends on Lake Lanier Island to celebrate my 43rd birthday. My actual birthday is today, May 24, but I just wanted to do something small and personal over the weekend. I’m the first to say that last year was pretty rough for me and my family. Another untimely thing happened. My car engine went kapoot. I live really far out in the boonies where there is no rapid transit, bus line or anything. So, with no transportation, I was devastated by having to figure out how I was going to get to events, my children’s activities, run errands, etc.

But I had so many dear friends come and lend my family a helping hand in our time of need. From picking me up to just listening and keeping me encouraged, they really came through.  I wanted to give back to them by letting them know I cared. I’m so glad things have turned around for us this year! Yeah!!

My children and I enjoying the sun.

I wanted them to enjoy my special day with me and soak up the sunshine, so we spent the afternoon with Captain Kurt Backus, owner of Atlanta Marine, at Lake Lanier Marina. Captain took us  across the lake on a brand-new, 2,700-foot Playcraft boat that holds up to 18 people.

We also munched on catered lunch by Fish Tales, pink champagne from Barefoot Wine and pink cupcakes from Cami Cakes and were provided swag bags from Victoria’s Secret, which included the new Aloha body lotion and shower scrubs.

A few of my other friends couldn’t make it, but I would like to acknowledge Jayda Cabbell and my dear friend, Munson Steed, owner and publisher of rolling out. I told my guests that I didn’t want any gifts, but some brought pinktastic presents anyway, and I want to say “Thank you so much!” Enjoy all the pics shot by my friend Ben Evans (photoimagesbyben). –tammie reed

Extraordinary Cami Cakes cupcakes

Delicious catered lunch by Fish Tales

Much needed Aloha products from Victoria's Secret

My friend, ro's Yvette Caslin, and I

Cold drinks provided by Barefoot Wine

Fun, pink swag bags sent by Victoria's Secret

My friend and host, Captain Kurt Backus, of Atlanta Marine

Watch out now!

Beautiful scene, beautiful day

Buddies hanging out on a great day

My daughter, right, and one of her friends