Over the past year, newcomer Nicki Minaj has become the premier female hip-hop artist in the music industry, even garnering the title of “New Queen of  Hip-Hop” from the venerable  Rolling Stone magazine last year. Although many have weighed in on the title, Minaj is now sharing her reaction to the magazine’s flattering claim.

In a recent interview with with Funkmaster Flex for MTV2’s “Funk Flex Full Throttle,” the Young Money emcee explained that she was honored by the title.

“It was very, very amazing to me,” said Nicki. “I was so excited ’cause [Rolling Stone is] really respected, and then when I went on all the TV shows, they kept on saying, ‘She’s been dubbed the New Queen of Hip-Hop by Rolling Stone magazine,’ so I was like, that happened at the perfect time.”

And while it’s nice to be know as the “New Queen of Hip-Hop,” Nicki explained that she simply sees herself as a hardworking emcee.

“I’m honored because I obviously have been working hard to get to this place. Whether or not I’m the queen of anything, everybody’s gonna have their own opinion and I don’t do this thinking I’m the queen of this [or] I’m the queen of that. I just feel like I’m working hard and I just want people to recognize that.”

Do you believe Nicki is the new queen of hip-hop? –nicholas robinson

Nicholas Robinson

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  • Katrina

    All hail the Queen.  Love her.  Of course, she deserves that title.

  • Greasefriedmedia

    Man Nicki Menaj is not anyones queen. First she will need to learn how to perform live then actually record a song that is hip hop and not Pop and doesnt have a feature and can that swagger jacked barbie image and lipo that ugly ass build she has. Ppl r so desperate for a female MC they will call her wack weak sauce ass a queen puhhhleeease

  • http://www.facebook.com/SulaimanTheWordSmith Sulaiman-The WordSmith

    No, no way. Rolling Stone is wrong, wrong. The title comes from the streets or a Hip-Hop King/Queen not a magazine that is not a Hip-Hop magazine.
    Also, Her Lyrics have no social-political content. Her content is Barbie style. Barbie is plastic not real. She has no weight for people that like political songs.

    MC Lyte, Lauren Hill are queens that earned their titles from the streets, boards rooms, and hard core types. They appeal to a wide range of listeners. Not just Barbie.

  • http://www.facebook.com/SulaimanTheWordSmith Sulaiman-The WordSmith

    But I give her a high grade for getting her $$$$’s up.

  • http://www.facebook.com/SulaimanTheWordSmith Sulaiman-The WordSmith

    Well, I was just thinking. I never thought I would buy a Lil Wayne song either. But he got me with how to love. So may be one day I will buy Nicki Menaj song if it hits the heart right.