Floyd Mayweather Jr. Finally Stops Dodging Manny Pacquiao

Floyd Mayweather, whose manhood and legacy is in tatters because people perceive him to be dancing around a much-anticipated fight with the legendary Manny Pacquiao, is taking steps to make that long-awaited bout happen.

Trainer Freddie Roach believes Mayweather is probably preparing for the showdown with Pac Man because of who Mayweather has agreed to get into the ring with. Mayweather will fight Victor Ortiz in September.

How could a fight with Ortiz possible figure into a future bout between Mayweather and Pacquiao? Glad you asked.

Both Ortiz and Pacquiao are fast, high-volume punchers. Equally important, if not more important, is the fact that Ortiz and Pacquiao are also both left-handers. Therefore Roach, the trainer for the fearsome Filipino Pacquiao, believes that Mayweather’s camp has specifically chosen Ortiz to fight as a way to prepare the undefeated Mayweather for Pacquiao.

Hopefully, Mayweather can find the ring. He hasn’t been in one under bright lights in 16 months. Also a challenge for Mayweather is the fact that he has rarely boxed left-handed opponents and they’ve cause him problems. One he had with Zab Judah caused Mayweather fits.

Pacquiao, universally considered the greatest boxer alive today, has a scheduled boxing match against Manuel Marquez in November.
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  1. One of them is afraid and the other one is glad about it, why else would they be jeopardizing such a big payday. A lucky punch by either Ortiz or Marquez and the money is out the window. 

  2.  Ah my my dear boy Jimothy, u shoulda hollered atcha bizoy before u wrote this! First ole Money is a prize fighter first, simply put a business man.These 2 gents r gonna fight for the biggest gate in history!!!!! He also is very clever. As for Ortiz he is another jr. welter that floyd will demolish. Floyd has made millions of dollars beating the smaller guy who has stepped up to welter. ( Judah, Hatton, and  Marquez ) I would say since Shane Mosely he has yet to beat up on a legit welterweight. However Pac-Man has made light work of welters,, even after the initial weigh-in they blew  up to the size of middleweights? Floyd’s game plan was to stir up steroid hype on Pac, what he was doing was buying time, which was smart. Years ago a welter out of Palmer Park did the same thing against an unstoppable force name Thomas Hearns, that guy’s name was Ray Leonard. Floyd will win, but he will never be the same fighter again. Sorta like Meldrick Taylor, was after his fight with Jesus Chavez. ( if I misspelled any words I am so sorry, I was educated in the Akron public schools )  Blackthoughtzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. GET IT STRAIGHT floyd mayweather is the pound 4 pound champ I guy has 3 defeats and 1 has no defeats. I guy is fighting a 24 year old young lion and 1 guy is fighting a 38 year old fighter with whom he’s fought  twice already and better yet fought 2 a draw and won by 1 point in the 2nd fight. Love him or hate him until someone beats him in the ring he’s still the best thing going .

  4. Alright! So let me get this straight, people think Mayweather is ducking Pacquiao. Now last time i remember it is Pacquiao who will not submit his blood for testing for steroids and/or performance enhancers. Mayweather has given his blood for tests and has been cleared clean.
    Why won’t Pacquiao give a blood test? well let me answer this for you readers. For him to submit to a blood test would destroy the myth and the man. Anyone knows that tainted blood means a tainted record and tainted fights. This would put Pacquiao’s legacy as one of the greatest fighters in jeopardy. period. 

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