Blogger Tami Reviews Make-Up-Matte

There is a cute makeup accessory out called Make-Up-Matte, founded by Katie Corl. It’s a matte that you place on your counter or table top when applying your makeup. It catches all the makeup so you don’t ruin your counters. With the makeup craze being all about minerals, they can be pretty, but not so fun to clean up. Make-Up-Mattes catch all the loose powders and makes your clean-up fast and easy! The mattes come in different styles, patterns and colors. They were so kind to send me over a pink sparkly one, too! Pinktastic!

It’s cotton-terry fabric that washes well when it gets dirty. It’s lightweight, and you can fold it up and place it in your handbag or store away. I also like that I can place my makeup brushes in the pouches to grab at my convenience. Another cute, girly product that I will enjoy using! Thanks to Make-Up-Matte for sending me one. I’m loving it! –tammie reed

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