Rev. Jesse Jackson Slams Voter ID Laws at 40th Rainbow PUSH Coalition Convention

CHICAGO — Rev. Jesse Jackson says civil rights are under vicious attack by state governments who are, one by one, instituting voter ID laws that mostly impact disenfranchised minorities. During the Rainbow PUSH Coalition’s 40th annual conference, Jackson blasted the states that have enacted the laws, saying they knowingly did so, most likely, to negatively impact African Americans, Hispanics and college students who are may not show up with their identification at voting sites.

Jackson is looking for the Justice Department, and, more specifically, attorney general Eric Holder to address the issue. “It is their job. It is their duty to intervene,” Jackson said about federal officials.
The requirement is currently upheld in Indiana, Georgia and six other states. Jackson spoke out on the matter in hopes that the Justice Department will review the legality of the state voter identification laws, which varies among states. Some require any photo ID, while others require government-issued IDs.
“This is an ugly season in so many ways, and it’s not happening in Illinois because we are the oasis in this desert,” Jackson said. “Somewhere between Ohio and Wisconsin and Michigan is Illinois, where the governor’s sensitivity has brought some measure of relief.” Ironically, Jackson’s civil rights and geographical neighbor, the always controversial and inflammatory Minister Louis Farrakhan, prognosticated this very issue.
“The Ku Klux Klan doesn’t wear white anymore. The Ku Klux Klan have traded in their white sheets for black robes, and they are rewriting and obliterating the gains made by our esteemed civil rights leaders,” Farrakhan said.
Eight states have passed laws requiring voters to produce photo ID cards before they’re allowed to cast regular election ballots, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. In some of those states, the federal government has to give clearance before the laws can take effect under provisions of the Voting Rights Act.
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  1. Can’t Jackson find more important issues to tackle.  Saying minorities are absent minded and irresponsible about carrying an id for a special occasion so don’t require it, is ridiculous.  If you want to buy cigarettes, you get carded.  If you use a credit card, you get carded.  If you write a check, you get carded.  It is not asking too much for a person to have an idea when he goes to vote.  In fact, I would like to see them identify voting ballets with voter information to address any voting corruption issues.

    1. You are so right.  Jackson is your typical Democrat who only cares because the majority of blacks and illegals vote Democrat so he doesn’t want any barriers that would stop them from doing so.  Democrats have never seen an illegal alien they didn’t like.

  2. It would be nice if Jackson would learn more about the Rights of individuals.  And one important Right is the Right of ANY HOMELESS PERSON to receive Food Stamps (which we may need to remind Jesse that this is a Federal Program) without a photo ID.
    If anyone has any questions about this please contact LAST CALL 4 HELP 24/7 365 at JOER CARES and ask for John Young, Homeless Advocate.  And the tele # is (352 628 – H E L P.  Someone please share this number with Mr. Jackson so that we may be able to enhance on his knowledge.

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