Jason Derulo Declines Role of Lifetime; Takes Break from Music

Although Pop Sensation Jason Derulo is fairly new to being an artist, his discography speaks for itself. He’s written songs, produced songs for Lil’ Wayne, Diddy, Sean Kingston, and the list goes on. After stepping out on his own with his debut album “In My Head,” his success in the industry beyond his exploits for others was inevitable.

Derulo’s first single “Whatcha Say” went on to have over 5 million digital downloads, helping the album overall to attain very respectable sales.  His sophomore album, Future History, is poised to do just as well, as he already sits atop the UK Singles chart.
So, with an upward trending career that is yet extremely young, why would the singer already be announcing his exodus from the music world?

According to MTV UK, Derulo is “planning on taking a break from music.” Although, it will be after he puts his all into this forthcoming album.
“I really wanted to make sure it gets the exposure it deserves. It has to be heard by everybody. After this album, I will dive full-throttle into movies for a while. I will ultimately take a break from music.”

Derulo Was given the opportunity to play the role of famed superstar Jimi Hendrix, which he declined to ensure proper handling and promotion for his forthcoming album. This shows just how serious he must be about this project, because it’s not everyday that you’re given such a grand opportunity to portray a legend on the big screen.

Although I’m sure we all believe it’s too early to be changing routes, especially with the current successes that he has, all we can do is give him our support. We wish you well Jason…do you. -juwon jackson

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