Some professional athletes are clueless when it comes to money management and applying common sense. Dallas Cowboys star Roy Williams wanted to impress his ex-girlfriend, Brooke Daniels, and convince her to marry him. But instead of putting a ring in a cake, hiding it in a bouquet of flowers or getting down on one knee, Williams decided to mail a $76,000 ring,  $5,000 in cash and a recorded video of his proposal to Daniels’ home a day before Valentine’s Day.

Daniels was not flattered by the gesture and rejected Williams’ marriage proposal. She later claimed that she lost the $76,000 ring.

An upset Williams told his insurance company, who investigated and discovered that Daniels’ father had possession of the ring. Williams has since decided to sue his ex-girlfriend with the hopes of getting the ring back.

Love is a powerful emotion that can even make a fool out of an intelligent individual. But Williams’ stupidity in this situation is an embarrassing mark that will follow him his entire NFL career. –amir shaw

A.R. Shaw

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