Selita Ebanks isn’t too hard to please, fellas. All she requires are some designer shoes; FRESH off the runway! The gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model and current face of Carol’s Daughter recently shot a sizzling spread for FHM UK. She divulges her deepest secrets, including her shoe obsession and her love for Kanye West; including their awkward onscreen kiss for ‘Runaway’.

On preparing for her kiss with Kanye
There was no, “Okay. Breath check,” or anything it was just like: “Okay sweetie here are your lines, now kiss me.” So it was very weird and more than a little awkward because it was my first onscreen kiss and Kanye is a good friend of mine. Fortunately the lighting was really dark, so that made it less intense.

On hanging out with Kanye outside of work:
He hangs with me, darling. I’m only kidding. Our schedules mean we don’t see a lot of each other, but we had dinner at the Cannes Film Festival. It was good to catch up about work and his album.

On her shoe collection
I stopped counting a long time ago. I don’t want to sound pretentious, but I reckon I have over 300 pairs. I do donate some to charity, but others I’ve had for over ten years and love so much I simply can’t let go.

On how to win her heart
Let me tell you something. If a guy bought me a limited edition of the fiercest, highest heels straight from the runway then I would be in love so yes, shoes are the quickest way to win me over. Absolutely.