R&B Singers Lloyd and Miguel aren’t quite BFFs after Miguel made a slick remark about Lloyd’s hair via his twitter a few weeks ago. After Lloyd’s ’106 and Park’ appearance, where he promoted his new album ‘King of Heart’ and revealed his new hair tattoo, Miguel tweeted ‘Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Shouts to Lloyd’.

Things came to a head this past weekend,since both of the artists performed at ZHip Hop Cleveland’s Summer Jam, and had a chance to squash the ‘beef’ in person. Miguel tried to ease the palpable tension by singing, ““We’re brothers, we’re happy and we’re singing and we’re colored”, but Lloyd was not amused; he immediately confronted Miguel on the matter at hand.

Miguel’s response:

‘I was being honest. That was an honest opinion. But it’s not on diss sh*t though. Nothing about it was a diss at all. You know n*ggas are trying to make it way bigger than anything it really was. They asked me a question about a site I was looking at. Yo, it shouldn’t have been said as honest as I may have been. If it was like me and you having a conversation, and I said it to you it would have been different. But the fact that I said it on twitter, it was f*cked up and I apologize for that.

Lloyd responded:

I just felt like it was disrespectful. On some real sh*t, I felt like it was cheap, distasteful jab. The idea behind it wasn’t to mock you or imitate you. It was just to shave my sh*t so I could get a tattoo. I am growing it out because it really isn’t my thing. For you to say that and bring all that kind of energy to me during my album release week…. Why am I answering questions about my hair when I should actually be talking about my sh*t. I worked two years for it, you see what I’m saying?

Miguel agreed that it was perhaps an ill-timed remark, especially since he didn’t know Lloyd’s intentions, and apologized once more.

Since they’ve seemingly squashed their ‘hair beef’, perhaps they can start collaborating? These two talented young singers would make a great R&B duo!