Lil Wayne Focused on Staying Out of Trouble

If you have plans on sneaking backstage to a Lil Wayne concert and scoring a beverage of the spirits variety, then you might want to formulate a new plan. The Carter IV rapper has made that an impossibility by banning alcohol both backstage at his “I Am Still Music” tour, as well as on his tour bus.

The proactive step was Wayne’s (highly intelligent) way of resisting the temptation to consume alcohol, which was specifically banned in the terms of his probation until 2013.

We can’t blame Weezy for this step though, especially when you consider how quickly rapper T.I. fell back into his same vices, which, in turn, landed him right back in jail.

So, there will be no drinks backstage now, and no scapegoat alcohol for groupies and gold-diggers to blame their behavior on.  No, there will be nothing but clear minds backstage … well, clear of everything but marijuana, which was noticeably absent from his ban. –djr

DeWayne Rogers
DeWayne Rogers

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