Katt Williams’ erratic behavior continues. In a recent viral video, Williams is doing push-ups while rapping. In his freestyle rap, he disses fellow comedians Steve Harvey, Jamie Foxx, Rickey Smiley, and calls Tyler Perry and Martin Lawrence drag queens.

“Steve Harvey, I’m really worried about you, [expletive], Tell Jamie Foxx I take it in the fox hole, before I go and put your soul in the fox hole. Tell Rickey Smiley to get out of that dress and tell Martin Lawrence ‘sorry you did your best.’ You wore a dress one, two, three, now you’re just like Tyler Perry, two drag queens. What you gonna do? Beat me with a dress?”

Williams has been involved in several bizarre situations over the past three years. He was sued for holding a man hostage in a studio in 2009, he was arrested for false imprisonment in June, and while performing in Albuquerque, N.M., he took off most of his clothes and did push-ups on stage.

Williams could be suffering from the high stress that comes with being involved in the entertainment business. However, his family and friends should encourage him to take a break from the business or seek serious medical attention. For the last three years, it’s been hard for Williams’ fans to laugh with him without feeling sorry about his tribulations and questionable behavior. –a.r.

Check out the video of Katt Williams rapping and doing push-ups.

A.R. Shaw

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