Miguel Talks Sex, Naughty Twitter DMs

Hot on the heels of the release of his erotic video for his sex-obsessed single, “Quickie,” singer Miguel recently spoke with VIBE about some of the latest statistics on sex, and gave his personal take on the intimate issue of bedroom action and naughty Twitter DMs.

On the topic of female orgasms, despite most men’s high hopes, only 64 percent of women actually reached their “peak” during their last sexual tryst. But as Miguel explains,  making sure his woman is pleased is (nearly) the only thing on his mind in the bedroom

“Fail! I guess in our minds we’re great; ignorance is bliss,” said Miguel. “Why do girls fake it? Probably ’cause they’re tired and wanna get it over with. But it gives the wrong message. The guy’s gonna keep doing the wrong thing. If I make a girl come, I’m trying to make her come again. [Her orgasm is] like a cheerleader cheering me on, telling me to come in.”

Switching gears from bedroom play to steamy virtual fun, Miguel addressed the 80 percent of women who believe that texting, emailing and social media sites lead to sex faster and he disclosed his semi-private virtual sex habits.

“People are way more bold texting and Facebook-ing things, than they are saying it. You might say something that’s a little more forward than if you were in person,” explained Miguel. “I’m always on Twitter and BBM; it’s definitely, um, helpful. I try not to do it too much on Twitter, though. You could make a huge mistake — you think you’re sending a direct message [to one person] but you’re sending a tweet to everyone [laughs].”

Miguel may not yet have reached the same sex symbol status of other R&B stars like Usher and Trey Songz, but if he keeps giving interviews like this, he may one day become a first-class R&B heartbreaker, commanding his own scores of panty-throwing fans. –nicholas robinson

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