Arizona State University recently revealed their new black uniforms in game against the Missouri Tigers. To encourage school pride, the teams asked its fans to dress in all-black attire. But while the majority of students showed up to the game in black clothing, four insensitive white females decided to paint their faces black.

Their images were seen around the world during the ESPN televised game. However, the most disturbing part of the entire incident is the defense of the white students in blackface. Thousands of individuals hit ASU’s message board to speak out against those who were offended by the students.

“If your [sic] white or any light-skinned Hispanic or Asian you have the right to paint your face any damn color you want. If a black man or woman has an issue with it … tough ta-ta’s,” one person posted.

It’s not unusual for ignorance and racial insensitivity to be on display in Arizona, but ASU should discipline the students. Furthermore, the NCAA should fine ASU for allowing the students to enter the game in blackface.

ASU is a school that heavily depends on black athletes to keep their sports programs competitive. If every black athlete left that school, the institution would lose millions of dollars.

It’s important for ASU school officials to punish the four knuckleheads and issue an apology to the entire black student body. –amir shaw

A.R. Shaw

A.R. Shaw is an author and journalist who documents culture, politics, and entertainment. He has covered The Obama White House, the summer Olympics in London, and currently serves as Lifestyle Editor for Rolling Out magazine. Follow his journey on Twitter @arshaw and Instagram @arshaw23.

  • Marvin

    nothing that people do surprise me anymore. I don’t understand why they did it but their is no law against it. Just let it die because if you punish them I have to deal with them on TV talking about their rights, some things are better left alone because it creates a bigger headache allow others to decide for themselves.

    • Eervin44

      I love you Marvin, I’m just crying laughing:) You are so right they will started talking about there rights just to cover themselves…I see them as lost soul:(

  • chris

    these girls were only supporting their football team! Nothing more guys! I find it really hard to believe that they were trying to do something harmful!!!

    • Eervin44


  • Jprice38

    Mr.Chris, its ok too support the team, but painting your faces black supports what? Call it what is!!!!! Disrespect to the black students and players.

    • TrotskysMexicanSurprise

      take your meds

  • Sunnichiba

    I can very well be wrong but it seems to me that these students painted their faces black to go along with the black uniforms. I would think that if they were mocking Black people and doing “blackface,” they would have also played up their lips in red or done something else that is usually done in “blackface.” I can easily believe that those students would have just as well painted their faces blue, red, green, gold, or whatever the team color was.

    • The Truth

      It’s this kind of tolerance that makes racism alive and rampant in this country.  There are some things you can not do . . . period!  And, I’m sure they knew that . . . most of the other students did not paint their faces . . . it was not necessary and we should not sit back and make excuses or justifications for it!

      • Sunnichiba

        As I said, I could very well be wrong and don’t support tolerance of racism. It just takes more than this pic and someone else’s opinion of what was going on before I jump on the bandwagon saying these students were being racist. Then again, I didn’t think it was racist when painted his face black to match his costume when someone else found it offensive.

        • Jaine Blaize

          @Sunnichiba – Seriously? Is that what you’re comparing this to? You do realize that IS black right? Which means that of course you wouldn’t think that it was racist when he painted his face black because UNLIKE THOSE GIRLS, IS black (brown). So chances are, his actions (as odd as it was) wasn’t done with the intentions of offend HIS OWN PEOPLE.

          That’s like me saying that I wouldn’t think it was a racist if the girls painted their faces white like mimes. Everyone would blink at me as if I were an idiot because the first thing they would think is “of course not you wouldn’t think that because they are already white”.

          Not to mention that there’s no history of black people making fun of white people by dressing in white face but there is a long standing history of white people painting their face black to make fun of black people.

          So the bottom line is, that point you made about makes NO SENSE.

          *Sigh* Sometimes it’s better to be quiet and let people think you’re smart rather than open your mouth and disprove it. 

          • Guest

            One of those girls IS black. Look at the picture….

      • Robert


    • Cdavis1911

      I agree…if this was to mock African Americans they would have done the whole “nappy” fro wigs and all.  Now you want to see what mocking African Americans in black face look like…google Auburn University Black Face and click on the images.

      • Jaine Blaize

        @Cdavis1911 – Oh I see. It takes a series of actions and more costumes to make this legitimate? So it’s not enough that they also covered their arms and legs?  Exactly how many things do they have to do to make it a legitimate argument that this was meant as an insult? If it wasn’t meant as an insult then the least you could do is admit that it was foolish and that their actions truly show a lack of sensitivity to others and that actions like this does nothing for the reputation of their school, their state or this county.

    • Jaine Blaize

      @ Sunnichiba – If you notice, they didn’t just paint their faces black, they also painted their arms (as you can see in the picture) and their legs (seen in another picture)as well. When the uniforms were another color, did they go out of their way to paint their entire body with that color too? No..and I know this because I live in Arizona (unfortunately) and it HASN’T HAPPENED. 

      But that aside, let’s talk common sense here. Here we have students who live and/or go to school in a state that is not only historically known for being a racist but is INFAMOUS for it. So one would think that if it wasn’t their intent, then they would think twice about doing something like this for fear that this is the way that it would be perceived.

      Well they thought twice and it seems that they decided that they neither cared for the integrity of their school, the black players on the team or even how they would perpetuate their state’s already tarnished reputation. Yet when faced with a choice these girls chose to exemplify what we already know about the attitudes about most Arizona natives. Apparently all they managed to do was prove that just because you put a book in their hands doesn’t mean that you’ve put any common decency or common since in their brains. 

      Way to go ASU…. please keep these dumb ass chicks in your state because they simply won’t be able to survive outside of it with actions like this!  

    • TrotskysMexicanSurprise

      Theres no sense explaining it. Negros are going to ape out regardless. They ape out just for the heck of it these days. Noone takes them seriously.

  • guest

    the female third from the left appears to be black or at least something non white. I think this is not a racial issue but something lots of people do at school football games, having attended both majority white and majoriy black schools. I think we have  bigger issues to deal with than making something out of nothing based on what we think they were doing…If they were painted in blue would it be disrespectful to avatars? Please don’t make a non issue an issue

  • Swifto

    If you’re university age and don’t have the wherewithall to know that painting your face black is a bad decision, you’re probably an idiot.

    • guest

      That was the colors for the event. If they painted thier (faces) yellow it would not have been an issue. Its also easy calling someone an idiot because they don’t agree with an opinion, which is basically what this article is.  Had they had big red lips, afros, and other stereotypical black images then maybe I would say it was some type if racial issue happening, but as for now I still think its kids having fun at a football game. Period.

  • Jess

    Ok, I have to say something.  I don’t normally write on these forums, but I know one of these girls personally and no one has pointed out that one of the girls is actually black.  I happen to know the black girl is the one who brought the paint to the game only in the spirit of supporting the team.  They did not mean to hurt or offend anyone and they had never heard of “blackface” before.  Mind you “blackface” was from the 40s & 50s, decades before these girls were born.  They are grieved that people interpreted this as racism.  Racism was so far from their minds they did not know this could be seen as insensitive.  It was the first game for the Sun Devils to wear their new black uniforms and the school called for a “blackout” (everyone wears black) in support of the team.  It pains me though that for later generations this expression was re-wounding for them to see.  Please understand this was not intentional. I do not mean to minimize the atrocities of the past and I realize racism does still happen today, but I can testify that these girls are not a part of that.    

  • Pete Wells

    I guess they are showing what color they rather be & I don’t blame them. Black is beautiful.

  • Pete Wells

    Maybe they forgot to take the black off after sleeping with every black man in the state. Hell I know I would sleep with a white girl without making her put on a black face.

  • Kandie J

    Wouldn’t it be a Wonderful thing, if that pain couldn’t come off. So Ignorant and you call yourself College material. It’s one thing to not like a person,believe me that’s fine! But 75% of white really try their hardest to be blacks. Grow Up Dummies. No one cares about what you are going through,are what you stand for.God created all of us so take it up with him.Lets see you Mock Jesus.We didn’t create ourselves so take it up with the maker,COWARDS!!!!!

  • Pumpkinred

    This occurs at many schools that have similar colors. I was on one campus a few years ago and was stopped in my tracks. They saw nothing wrong and I was nauseous the rest of the weekend.

  • Lillara

    How did you manage to turn this into a race issue?! They were fans supporting the team for it’s “blackout” game! When they where their normal colors, fans paint their faces gold and burgundy. No one crystal racism then. Grow the fuck up and stop looking for racism

  • Ffxhd31

    And when fans at Penn State paint their bodies white is that meeting for the KKK or ….?

  • Ffxhd31

    And when fans at Penn State paint their bodies white is that meeting for the KKK or ….?

  • Mr. Riley

    They were just supporting their school…no harm, no foul….college students do it all the time…seriously, this is such a waste of arguement..

  • Tosh.0 Fan

    Even in the 2000s. The only person who can wear blackface and I won’t be offended us Robert D. Jr. In Tropic Thunder.