50 Cent Gives Eyewitness Account of Ray J and Fabolous Beef

Ever since news of Ray J and Fabolous heated clash in Las Vegas hit the Web earlier this week, both artists have provided conflicting stories about the scuffle, with Ray J claiming he punched the rapper and Fabolous denying the singer’s claims. Now, 50 Cent, a bystander at the incident, has come forward and is sharing his side of the story on that eventful night.

In an interview with New York City’s Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex, 50 Cent gave his account of the incident. According to the G-Unit emcee, while in a hallway backstage at the Palm Springs Hotel with Floyd Mayweather and Ray J, he was greeting Fab when Ray J interrupted and confronted Fab about his Twitter joke, the source of the beef.

“Ray J taps Fab on the shoulders and says ‘I told you my peoples wasn’t going to be happy about that,’ ” 50 said. “He [Ray J] pushed him and Fab is looking at him like he’s crazy ’cause he looking at me, ’cause Fab was saying wassup to me. He said ‘Whoa, you lost your mind?’ ” 50 recalled, claiming Fab began to warn Ray J to calm down.

When asked if he had instigated the altercation, 50 explained that he wasn’t to blame, rather, it may have been alcohol that elevated Ray J’s temper.

“I think [Ray J] had a lil bit of juice in him,” 50 said, “If I don’t pump you up on purpose, it’s not my fault. If I pumped you up without saying anything, because I’m there, how could you blame me?”

Continuing his tale of the scuffle, 50 began to share a similar account to Fabolous’ story, claiming that Ray J did take a swing at Fab, but failed to hit the rapper.

“If he would have got punched in the face, Flex, Fab wouldn’t have went onstage with no glasses,” 50 recalled, adding about the punch, “Nah, he didn’t. If he got punched in the face it ain’t enough to call it a fight … Ray J did swing at him but it didn’t connect.”

Attempting to stop a fight from occurring, 50 Cent then positioned himself between the two artists and pulled Fabolous and his brother, Paul Cain, to the side as the upset rapper said, “Ya’ll gonna get this boy killed.”

Thankfully, the scuffle was quickly diffused as Fabolous was left to calm down and Ray J was escorted out of the hotel by Las Vegas police.

50’s story certainly brings more clarity to the incident and it’s obvious that Fabolous is the one who’s come out on top in more ways than one. Perhaps Ray J, who apologized to fans for his subsequent angry radio tirade, should consider sending a thank-you to 50 Cent and a well-deserved apology to Fab. –nicholas robinson

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