The Hip Hop consumer is starving for something fresh and culturally stimulating.   Enter this:  a growing genre that’s vibrant and educational in a world of influences, nuances and subtleties with one thing in common —  a love and passion for Hip Hop which exudes throughout.  The Intl Hip Hop Movement is a growing force and slowly being accepted by U.S Audiences who are seeking out other creative and unique styles in Hip Hop.

I’ve been producing Intl Hip Hop for several years now in the U.S and I’ve witnessed its growth.

Coming off a successful first time at A3C with an international stage, we’re now on the way to CMJ for ‘Planet Hip Hop’ on Saturday, October 22nd at 92yTribeca, produced with my partners Nomadic Wax and World Hip Hop Market.

As you start to see this genre cropping up more and more, here are 10 Intl Artists you need to know:







Lido Lido-   Norway








Drunken Tiger- –  Korea








Emicida-   Brazil








Bliss N Eso-  – Australia













Profetas-   –  Columbia







Los Rakas-  – Panama








The Reminders-  Belgium/Congo







Ana Tijoux-   Chile








Booba-   France

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