Debbie Ludwig, vice president of Comerica Bank, says the three attributes of a successful woman are: Enjoy your work; balance your work and home life; and to ask for help when you need to. Most important, Ludwig says success comes to those who work hard for it, no matter your gender.
“Having grown up in a predominately male industry in the ‘70s, I think it is important for women in any industry to recognize that women can be just as successful as men,” Ludwig explains. “Especially in the work environment today, everyone needs to work a little harder and step up to the plate when asked to go that extra mile. I don’t think anyone should expect to get somewhere just because they are male or female, but because they have proven to others of being capable of doing the job.”
Ludwig also believes in mentorship.
“As young women enter the work force, I hope I can be a role model for the type of work ethics that I learned early on,” she states. “My first manager was a wonderful mentor for me and I hope someday another woman can say the same about me.” –zondra hughes

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out