Dell Trahan, President, T&K’s Mobile Detailing & Pressure Washing Inc.

Dell Trahan’s former boss told her that although she had been performing a job for eight months, she was “too ambitious” to be hired full-time for that position.
“He stated that he needed someone that would just come to work every day and just support him and his four colleagues,” Trahan recalls.
Today Trahan is the owner and president of T&K’s Mobile Detailing & Pressure Washing Inc., and she hasn’t looked back — instead she’s looking forward, at helping ex-offenders earn an honest living.
“I will be powerful when I can create hundreds or thousands of new job opportunities for all of my ex-felony offenders so that they can take care of themselves and their families,” Trahan states.
Trahan takes a karmic approach to remaining successful in business, that is, she believes in taking care of those who take care of her. “Always put your customers and employees first; customers can make or break you,” she states. “Always give back to others with your time, and your knowledge; listen to others; and always pay your tithes.” –zondra hughes

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out

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