B.o.B Collaborates With Lil Wayne for ‘Strange Clouds’ Video Shoot; Behind-the-Scenes Photos

B.o.B will be releasing the follow-up album form his smash debut in 2012. After his acclaimed world tour, the Atlanta native returned to his hometown to film the video for his lead single “Strange Clouds.” Partially filmed in The Bluff neighborhood in Atlanta, rolling out was the only media outlet granted access for exclusive behind-the-scenes action. B.o.B spoke about the video concept and collaborating with Lil Wayne. –amir shaw

What is the concept behind the video?

With the video for “Strange Clouds,” we wanted to embody the whole concept of the song and album. The album embodies everything I love about science fiction and bringing it to the ‘hood. It’s about bridging those two worlds together. The video is about strange clouds accumulating in the hood and how it’s creating an uproar. I’m basically narrating throughout the video.

Why was it important for you to collaborate with Lil Wayne on this song?

When I first recorded the song, I was thinking about who would fit. I needed someone who embodies the outer limits. I thought Lil Wayne brought it home with his verse. It was a perfect match.

How does this new album take your sound to a new level?

This album will be more refined than the first for one. There are different sounds that I wanted to explore and more emotions that I wanted to express. I did a lot of the album at home in basement so I felt free while recording it. This album will represent more of B.o.B

Check out behind-the-scenes photos below.

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