At 16 years old, Sylvia Bolling worked a summer job with children of migrant farmers in New Jersey. That experience changed her life. “[It] sparked a passion in me for caring for and making a difference in the lives of youth who lived a life of poverty,” she states. Today, Bolling is the executive director and founder of Aldine Y.O.U.T.H. Inc.
“I am in awe at all of the miracles and blessings from God over the past 21 years, allowing us to touch the lives of thousands of youth and their families,” Bolling says. “In spite of the fact we started from my home and spent five years serving our community from my car, we now operate a wonderful community center on 6.8 acres of land, healing lives and strengthening our community. To Him — all the glory belongs.”
Bolling advises, “As you plant your vision seed and nurture your dream, don’t think you’ll only experience the pretty flowers. Be aware and prepared for the entire harvest — weeds and all.” –zondra hughes

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out