Will Ferrell Wants to Create a Video for N—as in Paris

Who’s watching The Throne? You are and apparently you’re listening to them nonstop as well. There’s no doubt that Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “N-—as in Paris” is one of the hottest songs on the radio, reigning powerfully at the top of Billboard’s Hip-Hop & R&B charts. In fact, the song is so hot, that Jay and ‘Ye perform the track multiple times to raucous applause while on the road for their “Watch The Throne” tour. Though many fans have latched onto West’s signature pop-culture catchphrases (honestly, how many times have you said “cray” today?) another standout feature on the track is a quote from famed actor-comedian Will Ferrell. And according to Ferrell, he was so flattered by his inclusion on the track, that he wants to film a video for the song.

Fans of the song know that the track kicks off with an audio sample of Ferrell from his 2007 comedy Blades of Glory. “We’re gonna skate to one song and one song only,” Farrell announces.

Midway through the Hit-Boy-produced song, the beat drops and Ferrell chimes in again with, “No one knows what it means, but it’s provocative … it gets the people going!”

In an email sent to MTV News, Ferrell explained how is surprise collaboration with The Throne came to be.

“Kanye reached out to me and I said, ‘Of course,’” Ferrell wrote. “I was completely flattered when they asked if they could sample me into the song … and when I heard it for the first time, I just started to laugh because it felt so surreal. But I really did like the song.”

Ferrell was so flattered, in fact, that he claims he wants to further his collaboration with Jay and ‘Ye and shoot a video for the song.

“We were trying to film a piece that they would use on the video boards of their concert, but haven’t gotten it together,” said Ferrell.

The comedy giant also shared that he hopes other rappers will now want to sample his past film works.

“I think [something from] Step Brothers would be good [to use in a song],” he wrote. “Or the Woody Allen movie I did, Melinda and Melinda.”

And if you think all the buzz over the track has gone to Ferrell’s head, well, maybe you’re right.

“It makes me feel very good,” he wrote. “And completely justified for buying a V-neck sweater made out of nothing but diamonds.” –nicholas robinson



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