Wiz Khalifa,Snoop Dogg Smoke But Weed Experts Warn Marijuana Candy, Food, Drinks Are Public Safety Hazards During Holiday Season


Teens and tweens could unknowingly drink marijuana drinks if poured into a punch bowl and served during parties.

Marijuana candy, food and drinks have raised concerns among Los Angeles law enforcement and city leaders, who put parents and families on high alert because of its proliferation and availability.

With holiday season upon us, Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department held a press conference warning parents to inspect their children’s candy. He also warned that teenagers could unknowingly consume food and drinks that are “spiked” at house parties and holiday gatherings outside the watchful eye of their parents.

“Some of the concentrated cannabis that we’re dealing with does not have an odor to it, but when we start getting into the food products, it definitely still has an odor,” said L.A. County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Glenn Walsh. “It doesn’t smell like straight bud, but it has an odor to it consistent with marijuana, that skunk smell.”

Police officials were alerted to the problem by the packaging they’ve seen on marijuana treats seized during dispensary busts in the last year. Sgt. Walsh said he’s not aware of anyone handing out marijuana-laced munchies on Halloween in the past, but they want people of all ages to know that drugged treats are out there in many forms, including trail mix, crackers and drinks that could be served at parties.

Marijuana candy and food seized during a bust by L.A. law enforcement from a medical marijuana dispensary.

Walsh said the THC levels in the marijuana-laced products, can vary from zero to over 90 percent.

What’s also of concern is the fact that labels on candies such as lollypops can be easily removed, so parents should remain extra vigilant.

“If it doesn’t have a recognizable label on it, if it is not a recognizable brand, it should be considered at least potentially dangerous to the children,” said Walsh.

Walsh said if kids eat marijuana-laced candy or drink spiked drinks, they will become disoriented, possibly confused, have dilated pupils, difficulty breathing, a high pulse rate and possibly be sweating. –terry shropshire

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