Andre ‘Gangsta of Love’ Davis Convicted of 14 Felonious Assaults Against Women: HIV Positive

One of the most dangerous myths about HIV/AIDS is that you can tell by looking at someone if they are infected.

Contrary to what many people think, the HIV virus can invade the blood stream of the beautiful, the rich, the healthy-looking and even the self-proclaimed “Sexy Sensation.”

In a case that proves beyond a doubt that HIV can and will infect a handsome host (and that unsuspecting sex partners who do not use protection are putting their lives at risk), former wrestler and professed lady’s man Andre “Gangsta of Love” Davis was convicted of 14 felonious assault counts by a Cincinnati jury for having sex with a dozen women without telling them he had tested positive for the virus that causes AIDS.

Davis’ ex-girlfriend, identified only as “AS,” sobbed quietly after the verdict was read.

Hamilton County jurors returned the verdicts against Davis, who wrestled using provocative stage names including “Gangsta of Love” and “Sweet Sexy Sensation” after deliberating for 9 hours. Sentencing has been set for Dec. 21. He faces a minimum of 28 years and a maximum of 112 years in prison.

Prosecutors said Davis, 29, didn’t tell his sex partners about his HIV status, or lied to them when asked about it.

All of the the women testified in court that they had unprotected sex with Davis. The judge prohibited the attorneys from bringing up whether any of the women were infected with the virus.

Defense attorneys challenged whether it was proved Davis was HIV-positive and suggested the women were promiscuous.

Davis was rejected for employment by World Wrestling Entertainment in 2009 because he failed a physical by testing positive for HIV. He was hired by the Macy’s customer call center in Cincinnati where he met some of his victims.

Davis is also currently under investigation in Warren County, Ohio according to the Warren sheriff’s office. After hearing news reports about Davis, “additional victims have come forward” and reported sexual encounters with him, the Warren sheriff’s office said.

The statistics about HIV/AIDS infections among black American women are alarming (black women ages 25 to 34 are more likely to die of AIDS they contracted from heterosexual sex with an infected black man, than any other cause of death, including auto accidents, cancer or heart disease). This story underscores the threat that exists for sexually active women who don’t recognize that condoms are essential in this day and age. This is a story that should be shared and discussed with every young black woman you know.

Knowledge is power; or when it comes to HIV, it’s survival. –kathleen cross


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    There are many loose men and women walking around, freely laying up with whom ever that smiles at them, gets high or drunk with them, and in some cases who can afford them. for what ever the reason, Out of ignorance, they think it’s okay to lay with whom they wish failing to realize that they are leaving themselves open for a silent death sentence, or they are silently murdering others.

     those who are unaware that they have HIV or AIDS  should also be held responsible in some way for spreading death to others, specifically those whom are undercover or in your face whores (players, bed buddies, homeie lovers, special friends, or what ever tag that may be used to cover up the fact that they are just whoring, turning Trixs, having fun, living life, etc). those who are loose, and you know you are, common sense should say to you “i need to get checked more often then others because i have had sex with many”. if you suspect your sleeping with a whore, get checked, because in reality you should have found out who they where before you gave your self up in the first place. this is one of the main reason for marriage. You are suppose to get to know the person first, get tested then get married. Be true to one. Marriage has been down played so much to the point that there not many who believe in it any more because they are not will to stop whoring. whoring brings death in so many ways. WHORES PLEASE STOP KILLING………..

    FOR THE RECORD, i am not down playing nor belittling those who are married and have known their mate before they gave it up. and i also am not talking about those who were molested or raped. this is only for those who are careless ( not careful) and selfish (they only care about self), and because they are not only putting their own life at risk, but also the life of others. 

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