Name:   Tha Real Chino

Location:  Austin, Texas

Most Recent Mixtape:

Die Slo Entertainment presents Death Never Sounded So Good

How long have you been a DJ?   Four years

Describe your deejaying style.

Being from Texas, I grew up on DJ Screw and first started out as chopped and screwed DJ. Over time as I began to work with more indie artists on their projects and I evolved into what I guess you would label as a Down South DJ.

How is deejaying profitable from a business standpoint?

Once a DJ establishes a good footprint with their brand it can open a lot of revenue. Personally, I have been able to create a brand for myself by working with a lot of local artists mixing their projects. In addition, I have extended my brand to include visuals with the creation of my video company Top Flight Films, which specializes in music videos. Also more recently, I was blessed with the opportunity to be the DJ for The League of Extraordinary Gz (LOEGz), an up-and-coming group from Austin that is starting to gain national exposure. This year, we completed two national tours opening up for Jackie Chain and Dead Prez, both of which were a good way to broadcast my brand to new audiences that I originally wouldn’t have reached.

How did mixtapes change hip-hop?

I wouldn’t say mixtapes changed hip-hop because mixtapes have been around as long as hip-hop has. Instead, I would say that the purpose of a mixtape has evolved over time to where it has had a larger impact on hip-hop.

Top three mixtapes of all time?

DJ Screw – June 27th

DJ Drama – Can’t Ban the Snowman

DJ Rapid Ric – Whut It Dew

 What is the future of the DJ?

That’s a tough question because I think the future of the DJ is limitless. When it comes to music, someone always has to hit the play button. So the need for a DJ will always be there regardless of who that person is. I think in today’s world though, a DJ is now more of an artist than just someone who hits the play button. With the accessibility to new technologies, DJs are able to experiment with sound more, which has allowed them to create their own lane. DJs are no longer just music players but instead are now becoming music creators.

Alexandria Green

Houston TX, Writer, Photographer, Pop Culture Connoisseur.