Name: Gerardo “TinTin” Ibarra

Current Boxing Record: 11 wins, no defeats with 8 knockouts

Years Active: I turned pro in 2008 but I have been boxing since I was 10

How did you get the name Tin Tin?

My dad’s nick name is Kintin and people use to call me “lil Kintin” but over the years it just turned into TinTin.

What prompted you to go into boxing?

I had a lot of energy growing up and my mom wanted me to find a way to channel that energy without having to take a lot of behavioral meds.

Where do you train and who is your trainer?

I train at the Legendary Hanks Gym on Elm Street with Harry Thomas and Aaron Navarro

5 greatest boxers of all times?

Myself of course! But in no particular order I think I would have to say Muhamed Ali, Floyd Mayweather, Juilo Ceasar Chavez and Sugar Ray Leonard

What sets you apart from other boxers in this field?

To put it simply, I like fighting! You see a lot of fighters that want to punch and hit people but they don’t put the effort and time into being a professional. I hate losing way more than I like winning so it works out.

Where do you hope to see your career in 10 years?

Champion of the world and getting ready for a good retirement.


What up and coming fights do you have that our readers should know about?

I should be on Showtime later this year and fighting in Houston at least twice this year.


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