Jennifer Hudson and Her Heavier Self Sing Duet Together in Creative Commercial

Singer Jennifer Hudson is featured in a creative commercial for Weight Watchers in which she belts out a duet alongside her former, “American Idol”-sized self.

Using footage from a 2004 Idol performance, the Weight Watchers commercial stands the old Hudson up next to her slim new self to perform the Whitney Houston classic “I Believe in You and Me.”

Hudson became a Weight Watchers spokesperson in 2010, and was honored by the company this year with a newly-opened Weight Watchers Center, named after Hudson,  in her hometown of Chicago.

“Weight Watchers has helped make my new lifestyle a reality by teaching me the tools I needed to be successful,” Hudson said at the facility’s September grand opening. “I hope this center and my story continue to serve as an inspiration to others to begin their own journey toward a healthier lifestyle.”

Hudson recently detailed her weight loss in a book, I Got This: How I Changed My Ways and Lost What Weighed Me Down. –kathleen cross


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