Rick Ross Sued By Nigerian State: 6 Other Bizarre Celebrity Lawsuits

Rick Ross was recently slapped with a lawsuit by the government of Nigeria’s Cross River State for canceling a performance at a state festival.

According to InformationNigeria.org, Ross abruptly and without any notice, canceled a show at the Calabar Festival, a nearly monthlong music festival funded by the Cross River State government. Ross also failed to reimburse the state government for his performance fees, which he had already cashed.

On Dec. 29, the state government announced through a BlackBerry Messenger broadcast that they have hired lawyers in the U.S. to file their lawsuit against Ross. It remains unknown how much money they are asking for.

Well, this is surely one of the most peculiar lawsuits we’ve ever seen and if you want to see more monumental celebrity lawsuits, check our list below. –nicholas robinson


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