UrbanEcards.com Offers Thousands of Unique New Ways to ‘Say It’ Digitally

UrbanEcards.com which launched on Thanksgiving Day 2011 in conjunction with Real Life Expressions for Real People, is a new and contemporary way to communicate. UrbanEcards.com addresses a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional relationships.  The innovative new company also offers consumers the opportunity to match customized cards with our original and contemporary music.

For example:

For women who have you gone out with some guy who thought he really had it going on and spent the entire date talking about how good he was?  UrbanEcards.com has the perfect card for him: “You Ain’t All That!”

For men who have you screwed up and can’t figure out how to make things right again, UrbanEcards.com can help find the key that unlocks the door to the “dog house.”  Send her “What Get’s Into Dudes” and she’ll have to forgive you.  Remember it’s the thought that counts.

Tired of that same old Happy Birthday song?  UrbanECards also has a number of different birthday poems and contemporary beats and music that will make birthday wishes memorable, like “I Have Plans For You, Today’s the Day,” and more. Notice a “hot” guy or girl?  Send them “I Think You’re Hot!” or “Let’s Hook Up”

No matter what the occasion, the thoughtful or remorseful consumer will find an e-card to fit any occasion.  Tell your friends about UrbanEcards.com and how we “Say It…” in our unique and different way!

for more information or to order visit www.UrbanEcards.com

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