Doctoral Student Henry Carter Writes Book, ‘Who Moved My Nuts?’ to Inspire Youth

“If you help others get what they want in life, you will naturally receive everything you need in your life.”  –Robert Greanleaf


As Who Moved My Nuts? author Henry Carter races down the left lane of life, his foot hard on the pedal toward the acquisition of his doctorate degree, he lives by the above credo that, as he continues to bless others, he receives blessings back in abundance. Selfless giving is the engine that powers Carter’s successful upward trajectory.

Who Moved My Nuts? is yet another device the civic- and community-minded Carter employs to recruit young people into the fruitful realm of servant leadership that spawns all kinds of unforeeable blessings to the benefactor. Carter’s life is a reflection of this mantra.

“I was in management with the YMCA for 16 years and the motto of the YMCA is ‘We build strong kids, strong families and strong communities,’ ” says Carter, who has his masters degree and serves as the director of the Institute for Males at Atlanta Technical College. “In service to the community, I developed a strong passion for cultivating and nurturing the best inside of everyone I met. My professional development led me to become enamored with personal development.”

Who Moved My Nuts? discusses the struggles that weigh on the shoulders of many young black men, including the arduous task of trying to acquire marketable job skills in college while balancing being a young father at age 22. But certain laws and principles outlined in the book will help readers navigate through and around social landmines that blow up many dreams.

The author, motivational speaker, educator and consultant speaks with rolling out about where the inspiration came from to help others chase the metaphorical “nuts” of pursuing their dreams and living fulfilling, prosperous lives.

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