Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez Engaged? What Other Celebrities Are Getting Married

Halle Berry is reportedly engaged to Olivier Martinez, the media reports. Something must be in the air because everybody and their mommas are getting engaged. Even grandmothers, as we found out that a certain Detroit-born singer is getting hitched up at the very ripe age of 69.

Looks like, according to shots taken by the paparazzi, Martinez liked Berry enough to put a ring on it.

The beauty queen was spotted on New Year’s Day flossing an emerald on her ring finger. Thus far, neither Berry nor Martinez or their reps have substantiated the rumors.

The Oscar-winning Berry began dating Olivier after meeting him on the set of “Dark Tide,” a movie about great white sharks, in South Africa.


If the marriage rumors are true, this would be the third go-around for Berry, who previously was married to former baseball star David Justice and soul singer Eric Benet.

Then she has a 3-year-old daughter, Nahla, with French Canadian model Gabriel Aubry. That didn’t go well either as they were interlocked in a bitter custody battle as well as a fight for the toddler’s ethnicity. Apparently, Aubry wasn’t too keen on Halle referring to their offspring as a black child.

You’d think Berry would have had enough by now, but after she tossed Aubry onto the growing trash heap of former boyfriends, she told the media that she’s going to keep looking for Mr. Right.

“I am a hopeless romantic. And I won’t stop till I get it right.”

Well, I guess so, Halle. But you are not alone. Here are the other stars who announced their engagements:

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