We all know concertgoers can be harsh critics when it comes to stage shows. At a hip-hop concert, audience members tend to be downright rowdy and brutal when it comes to criticism. And unfortunately for hip-hop veteran DMX, criticism was the least of his worries at a recent show in Long Beach, Calif., when DMX was attacked by an angry concertgoer.

The incident occurred on Jan. 5 at Café Sevillla while a newly free DMX was getting reacquainted with his fans. In video obtained by TMZ, DMX can be seen on stage, hyping up he crowd as he during his set when things go haywire.

“Are you ready to get this s—t started for real? Let’s do it!” DMX yells to the crowd. As the beat drops for his song “One More Road to Cross,” off his third LP, … And Then There Was X, a man in a white T-shirt jumps on stage and quickly grabs onto X’s neck and assaults him.

Before punches are thrown (or worse), X’s security guards quickly come to the rescue and pull the man off X and escort him off the stage.

Seemingly unfazed by the attack, X carried on with the show, telling fans, “Come on, we don’t stop the music for s–t!” Now that’s a trooper.

Hopefully, X won’t have anymore violent attacks at his shows, but if the other famous stage fiascos below are any indication, X and a number of other acts should definitely keep their bodyguards close by. –nicholas robinson


Nicholas Robinson

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