‘Love & Hip Hop’ Episode 8 Recap

This week on “Love & Hip-Hop,” Chrissy and Jim Jones are as blissful as can be as they celebrate their second engagement. Meanwhile, Kimbella finds herself confronting both her mother and Erica Mena about her problems with them, Emily finds herself struggling to life on her own, without Fabolous. And things come to a head as Yandy and Chrissy see each other for the first time since Yandy resigned as Jim’s manager. Check out the six best moments from the episode below. –nicholas robinson


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  • Beauty
    January 14, 2012

    I knew this season was going to be good but I didn’t know
    that it was going to be this dang good. I’m excited for Chrissy now that Jim
    proposed to her.  Kim and Erica’s beef is really crazy. I can’t wait to
    see the new episode and what is further to happen. This is exactly why I got
    the Sling adapter from DISH. It allow me to all my favorite shows LIVE
    everywhere I go on my phone. As a customer and employee with DISH I recommend
    that everyone get the Sling adapter before the free offer ends at the end of
    the month. Don’t miss out on more Love and Hip-Hop as well.

  • Specialkwarren
    January 16, 2012

    Chrissy really need to grow up,,, she has the ring & the man. She need to act like a woman an stop letting young girl BS, set her off. Grow up sis, put on your big girl panties!!!

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