Robert Griffin III has decided to forgo his senior season at Baylor University to enter the 2012 NFL Draft. Griffin surprised the nation when he upset Andrew Luck in December to become the 2011 Heisman Trophy winner.

Although Griffin had a better year statistically than Luck, reports have surfaced that the Indianapolis Colts will select Luck over Griffin with the No. 1 pick overall in April’s NFL Draft.

That would be a mistake. Luck represents the traditional drop back quarterback, but he’s a one-dimensional player.

With the success of mobile quarterbacks such as Cam Newton, Tim Tebow and, to an extent, Michael Vick, it’s better to invest in a dual-threat who can confuse defenses. Griffin ran for nearly 700 yards in 2010 and scored 10 touchdowns.

But he was equally impressive when passing. He threw for 37 touchdowns and only six interceptions. Luck also threw for 37 touchdowns, but he threw 10 interceptions and had a lower completion percentage than Griffin.

Tony Dungy, the former Colts coach who won the Super Bowl in 2007, even suggested picking Griffin over Luck.  “I like those mobile guys,” Dungy told Dan Patrick. “He can supply an extra dimension. He’s intriguing to me. I like Robert Griffin.”

As the debate rages on, check out Griffin’s and Luck’s highlights and choose which quarterback would be ideal for the Colts. –amir shaw

A.R. Shaw

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  • Puppyhater22

    retarded post… Luck is NOT one-dimensional. He can run as well however chooses to pass more often than not. Griffin has a good supporting offensive cast, a luxury Luck doesn’t have. Luck may not be as fast as griffin, he certainly is no Peyton Manning either in regards to running. His mechanics are better than griffins, and he is more intellectually sound than Griffin. Griffin has a better arm but Luck’s is good enugh for the NFL not to mention, he has the size of a NFL qb as well. 6’4, 235lb is better than 6’2 220lb. Luck has the ability to take an NFL pounding, something Griffin does not. Looking at all that, Luck is a better qb prospect than Griffin.

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  • Sports Fan

    Hey R.O.  would have been nice if you’d mention from the academic side that RG III already has his bachelors and was working toward Masters. What another opportunity to show that we’ve got intelligent athletes who can do both major college athletics and get quite an education to boot. Obviously knowing pro ball will not be there always for them.  Thinking ahead and out of the box. Way to go RG III!!!!!