Drake Confronts Tattoo Artist Responsible for Forehead Tattoo

Weeks ago, Drake (as well as the rest of the world) was shocked to discover that one of his dedicated fans decided to honor the rapper by getting his name tattooed in bold font on her forehead. At the time, Drake criticized the tattoo artist for inking the woman and threatened him with bodily harm. Though many thought Drake’s threats were just careless words, apparently the bold rapper was serious. Reports now claim that Drake  paid a hostile visit to the tattoo artist and  threatened him further.

The tattoo artist, Kevin Campbell, gave a detailed account of the confrontation via his Twitter page last week, after one of his followers asked if he and Drake and resolved their issues.

“Guess you could call it sorted out. When Drake was in L.A. last, he parked out front the shop and sent in his huge security dude,” Campbell replied, adding that Drake didn’t actually come inside during the confrontation. “Drake said he would beat my a–, not me. Now I’m just embarrassed for him. He made himself look like a weenie. He should have just let it go, I doubt anything would have come of what he said anyway. It just made him look silly IMO.”

Though Drake may be mad at Campbell, apparently the entire tattoo community is mad at Drake for stealing their phrase “Y.O.L.O.” “@drake is mad at @kcampbelltattoo and the tattoo world is mad at drake for ruining YOLO, let’s call it even eh?” Campbell retweeted from one of his followers.

For Drake’s sake, hopefully, he’ll let his dreams of revenge go and avoid any further confrontations as well as any legal trouble. But this isn’t the first time that Drake has had a squabble with someone in recent times. Over the past year, Drake, who was once the softer oddball in the more street-oriented Young Money camp, has now begun hardening his image and has also found himself riling feathers amongst his competitors in the hip-hop community. Is Drake on his way to becoming the next big incendiary figure in hip-hop? Well, we’ll all have to wait to see. But below, you can check out some of Drake’s notable beefs. –nicholas robinson


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