Whitney Queen of Whitney Wear

Whitney Queen is a bubbly entrepreneur with an infectious personality and a display table full of exquisite jewelry.

We had to know more.

What is unique about Whitney Wear accessories?
My accessories are handmade and unique when compared to many other hand-crafted jewelry companies. There is not just one style or “look” to my collection; I have something for everyone.

Do you have employees? Who helps you?
I have extremely supportive family and friends. My boyfriend likes to say that he is my manager and I like to say that he isn’t! But, the truth be told, I couldn’t make my jewelry runs to client’s homes or be successful at my jewelry shows without him. I don’t have any employees yet, but I am on the prowl for a few interns.

How do you promote your company?
I must admit that my best advertising and promotional efforts are through the wonderful people who wear my designs. My company’s slogan is “…wearing your inner beauty” and I love that my accessories allow women who are beautiful people on the inside to feel even more beautiful on the outside. ….

Are you currently in school or do you also have a day job?
My main focus is Whitney Wear at this time.

Why did you create Whitney’s Wear?

I started my company because the demand was plentiful. More importantly, anyone who knows Whitney Queen, knows that I absolutely love setting trends and stepping outside of the fashion “box.” I knew other people who also felt like mainstream fashion and retail accessories were lacking something. I decided to create the niche for handcrafted jewelry at reasonable prices for myself and for others that wanted to let their unique and stunning inner beauty shine … literally and figuratively. There is something to [to be said] about the feeling that someone has when they get dressed, feeling great on the inside, great on the outside … and then bam. That last shining touch puts your confidence and stride on another level. That last shining touch for so many is Whitney Wear.

What was the most useful lesson that you’ve learned from other designers?

I have learned to create, design, buy and sell for your clients and to put yourself aside without putting your ideas and passion aside.
My likes and dislikes with accessories and jewelry are not the next person’s. I want to have the type of collection that does not exclude anyone.

Were you always drawn to fashion or was this something new for you? I used to be a tomboy who liked playing in dirt. I used to find a thread on my fluffy church dress to unravel the “mess” of tool on my lower body. I preferred un-brushed hair and overalls over frilly and pink.
Then, I turned 16 and my personality took a shift. Love for fashion and design has not always been a focus for me, but for quite some time it has been. I’m ever evolving and growing.

What advice do you have for future entrepreneurs?
Do not let go of your dream. Never give up on yourself; it’s so very basic but so very important.

Whitney Queen is relaunching her website, whitneywear.com, in mid-August to include online purchasing. The “Whitney Wear” collection is on Facebook.

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out