Jennifer Hudson Shows Off Slim Figure at Barnes & Noble Book Signing in Atlanta























As I made my way through a crowd of what must have been 200 people or more, I knew Jennifer Hudson’s book signing had attracted more than a few fans. On Jan. 18, Barnes and Noble in Buckhead was packed as Hudson’s ardent supporters sat on the floor and waited patiently in the aisles to catch a glimpse, take photos and get autographs from the slimmed down singer. And then right on cue,  at 7 p.m. sharp the statuesque Hudson made her way through the back entrance of the store to the signing area while fans were heard shouting, “Yeah she’s here.”

Hudson appeared to be in good spirits as she posed for our cameras and talked about how happy she was to be back in Atlanta. “You guys know ‘American Idol’s’ new season is on tonight, and it’s so funny because I auditioned for them right here in Atlanta.” To see her on tv is one thing, but to be in her presence was another. Television adds 10 lbs, but in person she is extremely slender. I was taken aback by how thin she is, as I snapped photos of her. I’m so accustomed to the old Hudson, that it was like I was staring at someone else. She wore a fitted black jersey skirt, black long sleeve shirt, with a brown top layered over it, and paired the outfit with tights and black wedge boots.


I couldn’t help but notice the huge diamond set in platinum on her left hand . She was very pleasant and signed lots of books and memorabilia for her supporters. And then came that special heartfelt moment, when one of her youngest fans came up to the signing table and began singing, “I Am Telling You.” The crowd really went wild  when Hudson joined in. She told the young ingenue to keep on singing! It was a delight to see Hudson and was especially impressed with her warm spirit. Jennifer Hudson’s new book, I Got This:I Got This: How I Changed My Ways and Lost What Weighed Me Down is in bookstores now.

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