Siblings in Business: Tenille Brooks and Maze Jackson of MazJac Enterprises Inc.

“Street credibility with corporate accountability,” is the mission of Universal MazJac Enterprises Inc., a 15-year-old firm that specializes in building brand awareness and engagement in the urban landscape. MazJac Enterprises was founded by Maze Jackson, and employs a staff of 25 full-time and part-time employees, and operates in numerous cities throughout the U.S.

Founder and CEO Maze Jackson is Tenille Brooks’ brother, and together they have found a formula that works best for the company and for their family.

Here, Brooks shares how they do it.

1. How does your business decision-making process work well for all of the owners?

We understand our strengths and weaknesses as individuals and respect each other’s ability to make the best decision for the greater purpose and vision of the business.

2. How are key business decisions discussed and agreed upon?

We both keep very busy schedules and communicate via phone, email and Facebook quite often. However, when major decisions need to take place, we meet face-to-face, and discuss the matter until we reach a mutual decision.

3. How do you make your co-owner feel comfortable in openly discussing issues and conflicts that arise in the day-to-day operation of the business?

We believe in brutal honesty. In business, issues and conflicts often arise which could sometimes make or break a business. However, we’ve agreed that no matter the situation or conversation, we will always talk it out, and we will not beat around the bush.  We will be brutally honest with each other and know that whatever is being addressed, no matter how uncomfortable the conversation may be, we will deal with it in a productive manner.

We agree that no matter what, the business must be handled for the greater good of the business.

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