Rap superstar Nicki Minaj has always pushed the envelope when it comes to her lyrics, but apparently she’s now pushed things a little too far with her new “Stupid H–” video. BET has reportedly banned the video from its programming due to its content.

According to TMZ, a rep for BET revealed the ban, but wouldn’t specify why the channel was refusing to air the video. However, a source at the company says that videos content was too hot for BET. The source claims that Minaj’s raunchy lyrics, which include repeated use of the phrase “stupid h–,” are bad enough, but the videos graphic images, including those of “nearly naked female figures,” put the video over the top and brought on the BET ban.

Despite the reported BET ban, Minaj’s video is still garnering massive views on VEVO and currently holds the record for most views in an initial 24 hour period; with 4.2 millions views during its first day.

Minaj isn’t the only artist to make a video that’s too hot for TV. Check out our list of other banned videos below. –nicholas robinson


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